Tool rental

The quality of any steel work is depending on the quality of the equipment. To do the work on the offshore installations, far away from the tool stores ashore, make you even more dependable of having all the equipment you need and its endurance.

Krovik AS have used many years of experience to collect all the needed equipment, and with the best quality. This equipment is tested and made ready before they are sent offshore. Included with spare parts and spare tools.

All the equipment is marked with color, company name and individual identification numbers. A lot of it needs regular certifications and/or calibrations. The equipment is therefore monitored by a database system that keeps track of all the expiration dates. All the certificates are available online 24/7.

Equipment for smaller jobs are sent out in solid aluminum boxes, while the bigger jobs are requiring fully equipped tool containers. These containers have workbenches so they can be used as workshops. They are also equipped with solid steel shelves and lot of storage capacity.

The containers are 2.7.1 certified so they can be directly sent out to the offshore installations. They are ready to be sent on short notice to any offshore base in Northern Europe.